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"As sunny as Majorca or Cyprus, but much quieter, this island is a perfect retirement spot. The island has many sandy unspoilt coasts, but prices are most likely to soar in Cagliari, where old mansions are being converted into stylish apartments. Investment tip The tourist season is short – May until August – so canny investors try for long-term lets over the winter. Likely rise 20 per cent over the next three years".

The Telegraph

Sardinia is a very good place to invest, but, sure, "nothing is easy in Italy, to be honest. Dealing with local bureaucracy can be as daunting as hoping to survive without learning the language well beyond the point of ordering a piatto di lasagne, per favore at the restaurant" .

In Sardinia, mayors of little villages or semi-abandoned hamlets are encouraging locals (or more likely the heirs of those who used to live there) to sell their ruin properties for one euro: the vendors save on taxes and those who buy it have to rebuild and/or refurbish it, by using local workforce.  In Sardinia you can buy a house to set a B&B business, for example and it could cost just 1 euro! But you'll soon have to face the reality: setting a business it’s a complicated matter, buying a house can be daunting. In Italy, you have to pay agents, surveyors, notaries and -well- facilitators who can act on your behalf.